Aquatics Wellness Classes

Want to change up the routine and normal.  Join our Aquatic Classes for a great workout.

Prices for Non-members:

One class per week: $25/ month 
Two classes per week: $50/ mo. 
Three classes per week: $75/ mo. 

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Aquatics Arthritis Exercise 

A great program that allows exercise without putting strain on joints and muscles. Gentle stretching and flexibility exercises are led in the shallow end of the pool; no swimming abilities needed.


Shallow End Water Aerobics

Enjoyable and invigorating water exercise that includes stretching, flexibility, muscular strengthening and cardiovascular work. No swimming ability is necessary.


Deep Water Aerobics

Great non-impact exercise using water's resistance for an outstanding aerobic workout. Includes muscular strengthening and cardiovascular exercise. Held in deep end of pool. Exercise belts provided.


Combination Water Aerobics

Shallow and Deep ends are both used for a combination workout that includes stretching & flexibility, muscular strengthening and cardiovascular exercise.


Masters Swim

Come out and condition with the Masters. This is for anyone 18 or older who would like to train with other swimmers and have some competiton too. Masters is great way to stay in shape, and to make new friends. Competitions are available. Cole Center Family YMCA will host a meet in mid March. Runs October 2, 2017 to April 11, 2018. 

The next Cole Center Family YMCA hosted Meet will be in March 2018.  2018 Meet form coming in January.

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